22nd April Poole Harbour - Three Island Tour

On a rising neap tide we tried to motor round the three islands Brownsea, Furzey and Green. We discovered some beautiful spots to anchor and will be certain to return later this summer. Unfortunately there was not quite enough tide too complete the circuit and at Ramshorn Lake we had to turn back. At springs we should be able easily to complete the circuit. Not bad for a yacht which draws 1.8 metres (6ft.).
The Sea Water Pump, which had started to leak when we crossed the channel, has now started to leak profusely - 1 bucket full of water per hour motored. What I thought was a leaking gasket proved to be a leaking rear water seal. With the assistance of the engineer at PYC we replaced the water seal and all is now fine. We managed to avoid the Volvo Penta cost of a Repair Kit or replacement pump. If your MD 2010, 2020, 2030 or 2040 sea water pump is leaking and you want to know more please contact us. There is also useful information here and here

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