North Aegean Delivery Trip

Note Some (but not all)  Waypoint's have been taken from Imray Greek Waters Pilot Tenth Edition by Rod Heikell.

3rd - 23rd May

This was the passage plan for the North Aegean Delivery Trip with Neilson sailing a Moody S31 from Nidri in the Ionian to Halkidiki in the Aegean via the Corinth Canal. In the next few days this will be updated to reflect the actual journey which covered nearly 600 nautical miles from Nidri to Skioni.

This was a great trip and included some free sailing around Evia and the Northern Sporades.

Unfortunately this may have been a once off opportunity as Neilson may winter their yachts in the Aegean this coming winter. If not the return journey is an opportunity not to be missed.

Ionian Sea
4th May 2009 - 7 miles - Nidrii to Sivota

Gulf of Patras and Gulf of Corinth
5th May 2009 - 43 miles - Missalonghi
6th May 2009 - 51 miles - Galaxidhi
7th May 2009 - 37 miles - Corinth

Saronic Peloponnisos
8th May 2009 -26 miles  Aigina

9th May 2009 - 38 miles - Lavrion
10th May 2009 - 11 miles - Porto Rafti
11th May 2009 - 39 miles -Aliverion
12th May 2009 - 26 miles Khalkis
13th May 2009 - Freesail
14th May 2009 - 58 miles - Orei

Northern Sporades
15th May 2009 - Freesail
16th May 2009 - 24 miles - Skiathos
17th May 2009 - 5 miles - Skopelos

18th May 2009 - 55 miles - Porto Koufo
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